Powerful Illustration by Stephen Covey   In this video, Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, gives a powerful demonstration about how to prioritize.  It’s so easy to get bogged down by little things on a daily […]

Fundamental Beliefs of Successful Musicians The concept of “fundamental beliefs” is a very vast topic.  A belief can range from a simple thought or opinion about something all the way to a way of life (as in a religious belief).  One […]

Tips on Preparing for a Performance Do you have a recital or an audition coming up?  Have you thought about how you plan on preparing for your performance?  The aim of this post is to give you some tips to […]

How Musicians Can Use a Facebook Page to Promote Themselves Facebook has been one of the most powerful tools created for building your audience and fan base, and many musicians have started using this medium for marketing themselves.  For some, […]

Need help with organizing your practicing? One of the most important things that a musician should figure out is how to practice.  There are many ideas behind practice routines, and in this article, I am going to present some basic […]

A Collection of Great Blogs for Musicians Over the last ten years, the weblog, or “blog,” has become one of the most popular mediums for sharing information online.  It has become so popular that some people now give higher amounts […]

In our busy lives, do you ever find it difficult to be effective in your practicing? You’re not alone.  In fact, this issue may big the biggest obstacle that musicians face on a daily basis.  We all understand that you […]

This post has been brought to you by  To save 20% on your first month’s subscription, just click on the banner below:     Here are 9 steps that you can take today to create success as a musician. […]

Here are some ideas on how to spend time wisely.  I would love your thoughts and comments below! “I’m so busy!  How do I find the time to get everything done?” “Why does everything seem so urgent?!” I don’t know […]

Great Books for Musicians It’s unfortunate that people come out of school hating to read, because there are some fabulous books for musicians out there.  Here are some of the most popular books for musicians that are not about music […]