The Best Tool for Private Lessons Ever!  Check out the banner at the bottom for a discount. I’m very excited to share this resource with all of you! has been a game changer for my private lessons studio this year. […]

Private teaching is one of the core components of a freelance career in music.  However, it is very easy for new teachers to get overwhelmed with the process of setting up their teaching business.  Fortunately, it is not as hard […]

Are you a new music teacher looking for some teaching tips? Teaching music lessons is one of the most common ways that freelance musicians create income.  The irony is that current college curriculum has a very meager amount of instrumental […]

Congratulations!  You’ve decided that you want to teach private lessons.  Now…where do you find students to teach? Unfortunately, colleges do not provide any marketing classes for music majors.  However, in order to teach, you need to find students, and that […]