This is an article written by trombonist, Chris Frank. Tips on How to Get Back Into Shape on a Brass Instrument   It doesn’t matter what type of musician you are. You could be someone who performs year-round, solely at Easter-Christmas, […]

Are you a musician looking to use social media to build your audience? At some point in the 80’s or 90’s, we left the Space Age and entered the Information Age, and that change has dramatically affected how we conduct […]

Need help with organizing your practicing? One of the most important things that a musician should figure out is how to practice.  There are many ideas behind practice routines, and in this article, I am going to present some basic […]

The Who, Why, and How of Contracting Gigs Many people are unaware of what it means to contract a gig.  Playing gigs around town is one of the most important things for a freelance musician financially.  Generally, gigs pay better […]

I recently posted on several brass forums about playing wedding gigs, and I was amazed at the response that I received.  Many musicians have decided that they try to avoid playing for weddings, and I don’t really understand why.   […]

The purpose of this article is to give useful marketing methods to musicians. However, all of the info in this blog article is very relevant for people in ANY industry. Today, there are two main areas to hit in your […]

I have some of the funniest stories about playing church gigs. It’s crazy, because no service EVER goes according to plan.  Pieces can be cut short, pastors can skip parts of the service, and any number of things can throw […]

How do you create a music group?   How many times have you heard of a music group splitting up?  It seems to happen all of the time and to groups at any level.  Whether it is a garage band, […]

Why do you want to build trust? Because word of mouth is EVERYTHING in the music field!  This fact can either be good, or it can be bad.  The determining factor is YOU. In another post (How to Meet Musicians), […]

Why should you meet musicians?   In my early years of band, having an “arch enemy” might have been the best thing ever.  His name is John, and he knows who he is.  Fortunately, we are not enemies anymore, and […]