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Are you a musician looking to use social media to build your audience?

At some point in the 80’s or 90’s, we left the Space Age and entered the Information Age, and that change has dramatically affected how we conduct business.  Out of the Information Age, we have the rise of Social Media and the ability to connect with literally billions of people from our computers or cell phones.  Most musicians understand that this type of media can be a huge help, but unfortunately, those musicians tend to use the service improperly.  Because they do not really understand social media, their audience does not grow, they get frustrated, and usually, they quit using it.  As a disclaimer, we are no experts, but we have figured out a few things.  Hopefully, this article will help you in building your audience.


What is social media?

It is simply the interaction of people through social networking sites.  These sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and YouTube, and there have also been site like MySpace and Friendster that have since fallen out of fashion.  People join these communities and follow other people in order to share information and receive information from others.


How can social media help musicians?

The very nature of this type of technology makes it an excellent way to promote you and your material.  You can use these sites to promote your website or your blog by posting updates to your friends.  You can use these sites to build an active community, and they can help you to be perceived as an authority in your field.  Once people perceive you as an authority, you have a platform, and you can substantially increase the effectiveness of your communication.


What do you post on your different platforms?

Your goal should be to share useful content to your audience.  You can do this by promoting material from other websites and promoting your own material.  If people see that you are providing them value through the content that you post, they will follow you and become part of your audience.

Set a goal to post on these sites regularly so that you are “predictably present.”  To find other people’s material to share, follow other sites that fall into your niche, and if you still come up short with material, is a great resource for content.  Also, there are sites like that allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time.  That way, you can free up your time from having to be on these sites all of the time.


Tips & Advice

Social media creates a very different business environment because of the fact that you share other people’s material in order to build your own audience.  Because of that fact, realize the fact that you are not really in competition with other people.  Avoid “bad mouthing” others, and share other people’s material as much as you can.  In turn, they will share your material.

Also, there is a tendency for some people to try and be present on every social networking site known to mankind.  You don’t really need to be everywhere.  Just focus on being effective on a few sites.



I wanted to include a little bit about Facebook, because that is our most useful social media site.  Other people prefer sites like YouTube or Twitter, but our website has benefited the most from Facebook.  Sometime in the future, we will devote an entire post on Facebook pages, but I will include a little bit here.

When you use Facebook for your music business, it is important to create a fan page.  Even though it sounds a little strange to make your own fan page, there are many benefits here that are not included on a personal profile.  Plus, it allows you to keep part of your Facebook interaction as business and another part personal.

Facebook has two awesome benefits for building your audience:  event invites and low-priced advertising.  As a musician, you can promote concerts and promotional events to your audience, and hundreds or even thousands of people can be reached by a couple of click from your mouse.  The advertising that you can do through Facebook is hugely effective at building your audience, and the prices are relatively low.  Through this advertising you can boost your social posts and also pay for more followers.


Final Thoughts

Building an audience through social networking is a rather slow process, and that is OK.  As long as you are growing your community, everything will work out well.  The key to success on social media is to stay consistent, and eventually, you will have a huge audience.

If any of you have material that you would like to share with use feel free to send us a message through Facebook or through the contact us page on our website.  We would be happy to share your material (as long as it is music related) on our different social media outlets, and we would be honored to have you share ours, as well.


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