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success as a musician

Here are 9 steps that you can take today to create success as a musician.


What does it take to create success as a musician?  There are a lot of factors that can go into creating that success, but there are 9 things that you can do now to help bring that success.


1.  Practice Fundamentals Daily

Every successful musician has a “routine” that they go through on a daily basis, and the purpose of that routine is to take them through all of the fundamentals on their instrument.  For brass musicians, these fundamentals would include long tones, lip slurs, articulation studies, scales, arpeggios, etc.  This step is the foundation of success as a musician and should be the cornerstone of how you spend your time.


2.  Practice Etudes Regularly

An étude is simply a “study” about a certain skill that has been made into a piece of music.  There are tons of etude books for every instrument, and these etudes help build you as a musician.  By practicing them regularly, you build your artistry and skill at the same time.


3.  Practice Music for Gigs, Performances, or Auditions

As an active musician, you should always strive to have something for which to practice.  Whether you have an audition or recital, music for these types of venues can help build you as a performer.  Also, you will see these pieces over and over again, and it is smart to keep these pieces “fresh.”


4.  Listen to Recorded Music Daily

There are thousands of recordings of the world’s greatest musicians playing the world’s greatest pieces.  Take advantage of these resources daily.  By listening to these recordings consistently, you learn by osmosis.


5.  Attend Concerts and Conventions

Attending concerts should go without saying, but many people forget about attending conventions.  Most instruments have associations that hold yearly conventions, and these events are great opportunities to “rub elbows” with the superstars.


6.  Take Private Lessons

I don’t think there has ever been a successful musician that has not studied with a master of their instrument privately.  For tips on how to become a successful musician, refer to our post, “How to Be an Effective Student.”  Especially for younger performers, taking private lessons is crucial for success as a musician.


7.  Read Books about Music, Success, or Self Help

For real.  Outside of the music field, the great successes in any industry are veracious readers in success and self help.  There are tons of great books to be read, and you can find some great choices in our post titled, “10 Great Non Music Books for Musicians.”


8.  Always Practice Integrity and Accountability

Having integrity in your dealings is important, because it makes you trustworthy.  Most people can pick up on “vibes” from others if they contain low moral character.  Don’t let that be you.

Accountability also helps to create trust, because people can “count on” you.  For tips, refer to “How to Build Trust on the Job and What Not to Do.”


9.  Invest in Recent Communication in the Field

Get magazine subscriptions, podcasts, blog updates, or follow social media profiles of people that are connected with the music field.  This step simply helps you to stay “current” in your field.


9 Steps to Help You Achieve Success as a Musician

Photo by Christian Holmér. Used under Creative Commons License.

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