Here are 13 fantastic North American brass groups that you have got to check out!   1.  Bay Brass Website:   2.  Canadian Brass Website: YouTube Channel:   3.  Empire Brass YouTube Channel:   4.  Rodney […]

Are you a new music teacher looking for some teaching tips? Teaching music lessons is one of the most common ways that freelance musicians create income.  The irony is that current college curriculum has a very meager amount of instrumental […]

I have some of the funniest stories about playing church gigs. It’s crazy, because no service EVER goes according to plan.  Pieces can be cut short, pastors can skip parts of the service, and any number of things can throw […]

Congratulations!  You’ve decided that you want to teach private lessons.  Now…where do you find students to teach? Unfortunately, colleges do not provide any marketing classes for music majors.  However, in order to teach, you need to find students, and that […]