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I recently crowd-sourced the question, “what are your favorite brass music videos on YouTube?”

Here are the top brass music videos that people sent in.  Enjoy!

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Excerpt:  


Tribute to Bud Herseth:  


Bohemian Rhapsody with Mnozil Brass:  


Wynton Marsalis Jazz Combo:  


More great brass music videos…


Christian Lindberg & Hakan Hardenberger Carmen:  


Alison Balsom Syrinx:  


The DIVA Jazz Orchestra Live at Birdland:  


Wynton Marsalis Carnival of Venice:  


Eric Ewazen – Fantasia for Seven Trumpets:  


Bach Violin Concerto:  


Sessions at Angel Recording Studio:  


Brass Excerpt from Mahler Symphony 2:  


Bruckner Symphony 4 for Brass:  


Strauss:  Eine Alpensinfonie (Berlin Philharmonic):  


Festive Overture (Juilliard Trumpet Ensemble):  


Mahler Symphony 7 (Berlin Philharmonic):  


Question:  Are there any brass music videos that I missed?  What are your favorite videos?



Photo by Tim Bayman. Used under Creative Commons License.

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