I recently crowd-sourced the question, “what are your favorite brass music videos on YouTube?” Here are the top brass music videos that people sent in.  Enjoy! Chicago Symphony Orchestra Excerpt:     Tribute to Bud Herseth:     Bohemian Rhapsody […]

How do you create a music group?   How many times have you heard of a music group splitting up?  It seems to happen all of the time and to groups at any level.  Whether it is a garage band, […]

Why do you want to build trust? Because word of mouth is EVERYTHING in the music field!  This fact can either be good, or it can be bad.  The determining factor is YOU. In another post (How to Meet Musicians), […]

Why should you meet musicians?   In my early years of band, having an “arch enemy” might have been the best thing ever.  His name is John, and he knows who he is.  Fortunately, we are not enemies anymore, and […]

Your Freelance Blueprint I can remember being in college pursuing a music degree, and I was scared to death of entering the music field. Why?  I knew that orchestra jobs are competitive, and I had no idea how to support […]